A middle aged couple kayaking in a lake. The sea kayaks are orange. There are trees at the edge of the lake and it is a nice sunny day. They are able to kayak pain free after using Ice Plus.
fast acting pain relief


It’s time to put pain on ice with fast-acting, cooling Ice Plus pain relief
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We all want to live life to its fullest, and we know that everyday pain and minor injuries can stop you enjoying the things you love. That’s why we’re here to help! With Ice Plus pain relief we aim to get you back to living your life the way you want to.

Pain relief that works for you

Whether you love to play sports, have a physically demanding job or suffer from arthritis or minor aches and pains, we’ve got you covered. Ice Plus is a fast-acting, safe alternative to NSAIDs and other analgesics that really hits the spot.

Tried and Trusted


“Always struggling with nagging shoulder pain. Tried Ice Plus and the cooling sensation really made the sharpness of the pain go away. Gave me back mobility in my arm.”

Office Manager

“I am a Carpenter dealing with constant heavy lifting and repetitive use of my arm and shoulder muscles on a daily basis. I have found Ice plus very effective in bringing me quick and lasting relief.”

Construction Worker

“I get chronic pain in my shoulder when baking in the kitchen or hanging out laundry. Ice plus has been the fastest acting product I’ve found to relieve pain and stiffness.”


“Wrenched my knee playing volleyball and Ice Plus was great in bringing the pain down.”

Office Worker

A fast fix for pain

Easy application

Apply Ice Plus directly to the affected area where its naturally medicated ingredients will go to work quickly, so you can too.

Wait 30 seconds

Ice Plus is fast acting: simply wait 30 seconds after application and feel the powerful, cooling effects of menthol.

Pain gone!

The unique formula of Ice Plus will reduce the intensity of your pain, allowing you to carry on with your life, pain free.

no stopping
Play harder, longer

You love to play sports, and you don’t want to stop - Ice Plus helps relieve nagging pain caused by minor sports injuries, so you won’t have to.

no limits
Active lifestyle, no obstacles

Don’t let painful, sore joints and muscles keep you from enjoying the life you want to live with the people you love, without limits.

no worries
Smart, safe formula

Our product range is NSAID-free, which means it’s a safe, natural way to effectively manage and recover from minor aches and pains. And that’s a relief!

How pain stacks up

Number of work days
lost to back pain
by Americans
each year

of all adults in
the USA suffer
from arthritis

in healthcare costs
for Americans each
year caused by
lower back pain