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Ice Plus Pain Relief Spray Bottle Ingredients label
Ice Plus Pain Relief Spray 8oz
Ice Plus Pain Relief Spray 8oz
Ice Plus Pain Relief Spray 8oz

Ice Plus Pain Relief Spray 8oz

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Ice Plus all-natural pain relief spray is cleverly formulated using organic ingredients that provide maximum strength pain relief on the go. The cooling power of menthol stops pain in its tracks, while natural capsaicin, found in chili peppers, heats the pain area to give a comforting, warm sensation.

The great value, easy to apply mist spray can last up to two times longer than gel and cream and has a wider dispersal, while the no-mess, non-aerosol spray application is great for hard to reach places such as back and shoulders. Free from NSAIDs, Ice Plus spray is a safe, natural way to keep pain from keeping you down.

Available in two convenient sizes, a handy 4oz for your sports bag, and a larger 8oz bottle for home, Ice Plus is pain relief that works for you, whenever and wherever you need it most.

  • All natural
  • Wide dispersal spray
  • Great for hard to reach places
  • Contactless, non-greasy spray
  • Takes pain away fast

Ingredients: Menthol, camphor, capsaicin, jojoba oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Denny James
Relieve severe nerve pain

For over 5 years I suffered from extreme nerve pain on my foot. I have been to numerous doctors and no one has been able to control the pain. Every night has been a nightmare and I wake up in pain every night after 3 hours of sleep. Using this product my nerves in my foot stays cool and prevents swelling. I have bought hundreds of pain products with no success. This stuff works great and is very cheap. Give it a try, you won’t regret it

Pain Relief Perfection

Your Ice Plus works amazing. I'm in Retail and have experienced intense cramping in my legs.
Sprayed on and in 2 mins my muscles started to relax. 4 mins pain completely gone. Glad I didn't have to rub on my legs like the old gel. Congrats, I'm giving it 2 thumbs 👍👍 up.

Todd Anstey
Works great!

I use this for my knee and my wife uses it for her shoulder, it works great!



"I finally found something that took away my chronic shoulder pain and let me sleep! Thanks Ice Plus!"

Account Executive

"After rock climbing, my shoulder blades and hands were extremely sore. Ice Plus soothed the pain and let me get on with my day."


My neck and shoulders were killing me from a gaming tournament, and Ice Plus got me back in the game!

Web Developer

Naturally effective pain relief

We’ve felt your pain! A minor injury set us on a path to research safe, effective topical pain relief, and our journey led us to discover the power of menthol, which has been used for centuries for its medicinal properties. Menthol, from peppermint extract, provides a cooling effect which, combined with our other ingredients, works to counteract pain and provide rapid relief from aches, pains and strains.

Man and women squatting and picking radishes from their garden.


Ice Plus offers effective, rapid topical pain relief when directly applied to the area of discomfort, providing temporary relief from mild arthritis.

A male runner kneeling and holding his injured ankle.

Sports injuries

Bruises and injuries are part and parcel of playing sports. Ice Plus provides the perfect, natural analgesic for temporary relief from sprains, bruising and other minor sports injuries.

Woman walking dog in the woods

Joint pain

The menthol in Ice Plus spray (from peppermint extract) has anti-inflammatory qualities which can help relieve aches, soreness and discomfort in the joints.

A man and women on a beach heading out to the water to surf.

Back pain

It’s one of the most common ailments suffered by Americans, but we’ve got your back! Ice Plus’ unique mix of ingredients can provide temporary relief from minor back pain.

Three people dressed in running clothes. They are running in cold conditions.

Muscle pain

Our smart pain relief formula safely achieves fast, temporary relief from localized muscle pain caused by muscle overuse, minor injuries, tension and stress.

Hands typing on a laptop keyboard.

Repetitive Strain Inury

The menthol used in Ice Plus is an effective alternative to analgesics in the management of musculoskeletal and neuropathic pain such as carpal tunnel syndrome, which accounts for 90% of RSI.